Listen Scores AICP Awards Show Sponsor Reel

We were honored to be asked to score and sound design this year’s AICP Show sponsor reel, created by Quietman. The awards show was held at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art and celebrated the art and craft of the commercial with awards in 22 categories.

Jeremy Yang, our Creative Director composed the piece – “I really wanted the music to take the viewers on a journey through what is this beautiful, textural visual landscape, really moving with the image and creating this ambient, interstellar cinematic world. I’ve always been influenced by film scores and electronic music, and it was great to work on a project that allowed me the time and freedom to tell a story through music. I’m really pleased with how the project turned out, and of course always enjoy collaborating with Darryl Mascarenhas (Creative Director at Quietman).”
The sponsor reel will be on archive at the MoMA, but you can check it out here:

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