When audio content and entertainment company Entercom unveiled a new identity as Audacy, they came to us to create a sonic brand that could unify their extensive audio experiences, including hundreds of radio stations, podcasts, on-demand audio and video content.

We created a sonic brand toolkit featuring a suite of sound logos adapted for various formats and genres, and a music anthem designed for video and live events.


Sound Logo, Brand Anthem, Music Composition, Sonic Brand Strategy, Music Strategy


Audio Content, Radio Station Identification, Digital Content, Events

The Audacy brand is all about the power of audio to form human connections, creating an audio home for people to find where they belong.

We crafted a sound logo to bring this brand truth to life, combining eclectic organic and electronic timbres with a composition that feels optimistic and accessible.

We then built this core concept into a flexible sonic brand system that’s adaptable across formats, from sports and podcasts to pop music and beyond.

Alternative Rock

We also devised Audacy’s music strategy, creating a set of guidelines for music supervision and composition, defining an eclectic and upbeat sound for the brand. Our work all came together in a music anthem we composed for the public launch of the new brand.

Audacy’s sonic branding has been implemented across their entire ecosystem, building equity and increasing brand awareness across a multitude of sonic touchpoints.

Brand Anthem

Expanding upon the initial sonic brand assets, music strategy, and brand anthem, we then designed a set of musical interludes for live events that were debuted at the rebrand launch event. The music toolkit includes a hero theme and variations that represent the broad spectrum of Audacy's program and music formats. As with the brand anthem, these music assets have the core brand melody of the sound logo woven into each composition.

With this robust and holistic suite of branded audio assets, Audacy's sound identity is being implemented across the entire content ecosystem, helping Audacy to build equity and increase brand awareness across broadcast, digital, and streaming channels.

Interlude Music - Hero Intro
Interlude Music - News Intro
Interlude Music - Sports Outro