Björk: Kórsafn


Working with Björk and Atelier Ace, we created a generative sound installation to welcome guests to Ace Hotel’s Sister City property in NYC. In Icelandic, “kór” means “chorus” and “safn” means “choir.” We used Björk’s own choral archives to create the piece with her and AI.


Artist Partnership, Sound Design, Music Experience, Creative Direction


Installation, Digital Experience


Fast Company Innovation by Design Short List - Hospitality
Clio Silver - Audio Craft: Sound Design
Clio Silver - Music Marketing: Emerging Technology
Clio Silver - Music in Experience / Activation

What does the sky sound like? A camera on Sister City’s roof captures the NYC skyline and various events like snow, rain, sunrise, birds, planes, and clouds. Together with Björk, we assigned snippets of her arrangements to each event.

Each discrete event picked up by the camera triggers a different choral excerpt to play in the hotel lobby, connecting the inside of the hotel to its surroundings, and welcoming guests in a unique way.

A custom microsite allowed potential guests to explore Kórsafn.