Brian Eno: Bloom


Blurring the lines between the physical and the virtual, Bloom: Open Space is Brian Eno’s first foray into mixed reality, which translates his award-winning app, Bloom, into a generative music experience using the HoloLens.


Sound Design, Artist Partnership


Installation, Live Experience


Clio Bronze - Music Marketing: Innovation

Collaborating with Eno and his technologist, Peter Chilvers, we brought Bloom to life in Amsterdam, taking it from a solitary experience to a shared one, emphasizing a sense of wonder, calm, and community.

Guests stepped into a central zone surrounded by screens, where they physically experienced Bloom – tapping the air around them to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies with the simplest of gestures.

As users “bloomed” together, each saw and heard not only her blooms, but those of the participants around her. Together, the group composed an ever-changing generative music soundtrack, based on sounds designed by Brian Eno.