We worked with Broods and Microsoft to rethink the music video and create a deeper, more emotional layer for their second single, “Heartlines.”

Using human data, the music video became a dynamic live experience built out for tour, in support of Broods’ sophomore album, Conscious.

World-first technology from Microsoft made the song come alive.

We used the Microsoft Band fitness tracker to measure Georgia’s heart rate, skin temperature, and movement as she performed, translating her biodata into a stunning geometric display.

Fans got to experience a first-of-its-kind integration when Broods took the Microsoft Band on tour. During the show, data collected by the Band powered stage visuals in real-time.

This created a new level of intimacy with the audience, and a truly unique live experience.

Thanks to close collaboration with the artists, we found innovative ways to bring Broods’ unique creative vision to life — all while shifting Microsoft brand perception.