As part of our ongoing sonic branding partnership with Spotify Advertising, Listen developed a sound logo and sonic brand strategy for the department store retailer Burlington, launched in conjunction with an audio advertising campaign on Spotify.


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy


Audio Advertising, Digital Content

Hero Sound Logo


While many associate Burlington with coats, the retailer's signature deals extend to clothing and home furnishings. Finding a good price at Burlington can be exciting on its own, but these deals can mean more, empowering diverse (and often Spanish-speaking) customers with affordable prices that build confidence and bring families together. The sound we created needed to represent not just the thrill of a low price, but the unique sense of optimism the brand builds through its deals.


We crafted a sonic brand framework for Burlington's sound logo that could ladder up to the brand purpose, foregrounding energy and vibrancy, while also layering in warmth that lends a depth sense of depth and weight to Burlington's sound.


Enticing: Vibrant, energetic movement

Exciting: Bright, bold melodies

Empowering: Warm, confident textures



The sound logo for Burlington pairs a quick tempo with a vibrant, richly textured melody to evoke the energy of the brand's tagline, “Love the Deals." We composed the sound to consistently underscore Burlington's sign-off within the initial Spotify audio ad campaign, and across digital and TV ads in the future to build brand attribution and equity over time.

Hero Sound Logo


Burlington uses the sound logo on all audio ads and plans to continue implementing across English- and Spanish-language campaigns. The brand is already seeing strong results in building memorability and association through a sound logo, with an 8% lift in brand recall on sonic media compared to non-sonic media according to Spotify Advertising.

"Back To School" campaign (English)
"Back To School" campaign (Spanish)