Dell XPS


Through digital and TV ads, Dell XPS has established a dynamic brand identity that builds on the Dell legacy, while creating a unique voice that resonates with the passions of younger audiences.

To support this objective, we created a sound logo that was introduced in an audio ad campaign produced by Spotify, where we translated the emotionally-driven XPS personality into sound.


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy


Audio Advertising


Dell XPS was launching its first audio ad campaign on Spotify and wanted to establish a distinct sonic identity that could be used consistently across the campaign. We were asked to create a sound logo that would be featured at the end of all ads across music and podcasts on the platform.

Dell XPS has developed a unique identity through its ongoing "Get Into Your Youniverse" campaign, as it continues to dive deeper into the personality of its users. As with the bold visuals of its recent ads, the sound of Dell XPS needed to help shift brand perception to reinforce an identity that’s distinctly XPS, but still aligned with Dell as an empathetic and human-centered brand.


To capture ears and build affinity with younger audiences, we aimed to design a sound logo that fits seamlessly with listeners’ favorite music. Leveraging Spotify listener insights, we developed a sonic palette using musical instrumentation and rhythmic qualities that align with the music tastes of our target audience. With hip hop, pop, and international genres like Afropop dominating our audience’s playlists, we wanted to ensure that the sound of Dell XPS reflected the most impactful artists and genres driving culture.


Contemporary production and unexpected rhythms

Crisp tones and concise melodies that convey momentum

Urgent tempos and organic textures driven by human voice



The Dell XPS sound logo was composed using three primary brand attributes — Inventive, Energetic, and Empowering — to create a bold sonic identity that perks up ears. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into the listening preferences of target audiences with an appealing, contemporary musical palette that aligns with current genres, but is also flexible for future uses, from TV and audio ads to original content and product experiences.

Sound Logo


Across varying lengths, formats, and music genres, the sound logo has been consistently implemented across Spotify audio ads as the final sound that listeners hear at the end of all brand messaging.

Music Streaming Ad
Podcast Ad