Disney Bundle


Listen worked with Tröllback and Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ to design a sonic brand system for the Disney Bundle streaming service, creating a sound logo toolkit that works flexibly across a wide range of marketing content, including TV commercials and digital display ads.


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy


TV Commercials, Digital Advertising


The Disney Bundle is a subscription package that offers content across three different streaming platforms, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. With a focus on promoting this unique service offering, the sonic identity needed to represent all three distinct brands.

Our aim was to convey the three brand partners' individual and collective personality traits as a unified system, to help reinforce how the Disney Bundle provides consumers with flexibility to customize their streaming experience.


The development of the sonic identity followed on the heels of a visual rebrand led by design studio Trollbäck+Company. Building off this foundation, we aligned on a set of core attributes that convey the brand tone and amplify the Disney Bundle experience.​

These attributes were translated into sound qualities related to musical instrumentation, texture, rhythm and tempo that provide the foundation for the sonic identity.


Fresh: Crisp contemporary production

Energetic: Dynamic rhythms

Elevated: Warm and immersive textures

Multi-Dimensional: Full and spatious harmonics


All three brands offer a wide range of content, from dramatic films and uplifitng docu-series to uproarious comedy and lighthearted family fare. Disney Bundle ads reflect this range though music used to underscore the messaging, moving from serious to playful, cinematic and symphonic scores to energetic electronic tracks.

The sound logo needed to fit in seamlessly as part of the final signoff in the ad, transitioning out of music into this signature brand sound, synchronized to the visual logo animation in the end card.

Our solution was to build a sound logo toolkit with a hero sound logo and variations that suit different content moods and formats. Optimized for flexibility, but with consistent use of a core melody across all logo assets, the system is designed to build brand recall over time.


The Hero Sound Logo is designed for use across varied content, with a three-note version for ads promoting the full Disney Bundle and a two-note version intended for ads promoting subscriptions for two of the platforms.

Hero Sound Logo


Heavyweight Deeper bass sounds and darker chord textures designed to suit dramatic content and bolder music.

Lightweight Less bass and reduced melodic elements, but with brighter high frequency textures to suit playful content and understated music.



The sound logo is being used extensively across marketing campaigns in conjunction with the new visual brand, and is seen by millions of viewers across broadcast and digital channels, helping to increase awareness for new Disney Bundle offerings.