We worked with Ford to create sonic brands for two flagship electronic vehicles, the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning. Our efforts across the Ford lineup are helping the company reimagine the future of automotive sound and have served as a foundation for a far-reaching, collaborative relationship.

Mach-E Startup
F-150 Lightning Startup


UX/Product Sound Design, Sonic Brand Strategy


In-Vehicle Experience


The Mach-E and F-150 Lightning heralded a new generation of all-electric Ford vehicles, reimagined with cutting-edge technology and exciting modern design. The sounds needed to capture the legacy of iconic cars like the Mustang and F-150, while advancing Ford's vision for the future of electric vehicles.


Over the course of a multi-year collaboration, we developed a sonic strategy for Ford. This system allowed us to take the brand's DNA and reimagine it for different vehicles and drivers using four sonic pillars.



We composed bold, unique sounds for the Mach-E Startup and Shutdown experiences, along with alerts and chimes that convey the exhilaration and innovation of the Mach-E, nodding to the legacy sounds that Ford Mustang drivers have come to know. Our ECD Connor Moore breaks down the startup sound ("Welcome"), in conversation with the New Yorker Radio Hour.

The UX sounds also provided the foundation for a unique music track created by musician Matthew Dear, who remixed the sounds to create a brand anthem for the Mach-E launch.

Mach-E Startup
Seatbelt Reminder


For the F-150 Lightning, we strove to appeal to truck owners with sounds that evoke durable materials and robust capability, bringing them together in a tangible, direct, commanding experience. These sounds leverage deep low end and powerful impacts that feel rugged and dependable, with a contemporary edge that evokes the company's electric future.

F-150 Lightning Startup
Seatbelt Reminder


Through driver clinics, target customers and Ford enthusiasts confirmed that our work successfully conveyed desired attributes and aligned with a brand vision of tech-forward, powerful vehicles. We continue to work with Ford to build on this sonic foundation, helping to position them as innovators in the world of automotive sound.