Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Listen worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to develop a sonic brand strategy and sound logo as part of a complete brand refresh across all visual, verbal, and audio touchpoints.


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy


Digital Content, TV Commercials, Events


As HPE was engaging in a rebranding effort to shift the look and feel of the brand, they wanted to include sonic branding as a key element to push the brand forward, building recall and recognition as a leader in information technology and edge-to-cloud computing.

The company's objective was to develop a signature brand sound that could be utilized across all communication channels. By focusing on developing a sound logo that would be highly melodic and sticky, the aim was to stand out and drive recall in the IT industry that is largely defined by more futuristic and textural sounds that are less memorable or welcoming.


Working in tandem with HPE's brand team and agency partners, we established a set of core brand attributes that could be used to define the brand sound. We wanted to create a dynamic sound logo that projects the more bold and confident personality that's reflected in their new ambitions and aligns to the look and feel.


Optimistic: Ascending, major key melody that opens up to the listener

Bold and Enterprising: Full instrumentation conveys weight and fast, syncopated melody that drives energy

Empathetic: Warm, rounded tonalities and hand-played instrumentation that connect to human touch

Bold and Enterprising


The resulting sound logo is built around an optimistic, ascending melody that's layered with acoustic and electronic instrumentation, percussion and handclaps to convey energy and spirit of group collaboration. The hummable melody can be leveraged to build recall with consistent use over time, while also providing flexibilty to adapt the sound for different instrumentation and moods depending on the content in which it will appear.

As part of the design process, we worked with the music testing agency, SoundOut, to evaluate the efficacy of the sound logo according to both memorability and its ability to communicate key emotional and personality attributes. Testing provided strong validation for the selected sound logo in its use across brand communications, including advertising campaigns, digital content, events, and beyond.


The new sound logo was launched at the annual HPE Discover conference as part of the full brand refresh. The hero sound logo, along with a suite of adapted versions, were integrated into a range of presentations and animations that now serve as core brand assets. The sound logo is helping HPE to build greater brand recognition globally, and instill confidence and reassurance in IT decision-makers about the reliability and premium quality of HPE's products and services.