Microsoft HoloLens


Microsoft approached us to create a sonic identity for HoloLens, their groundbreaking product that brings high-definition holograms to life in mixed reality.


Sonic Brand Strategy, UX/Product Sound Design


Consumer Electronics, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality

We began by analyzing every interaction within the user experience and identifying every moment where sound plays a critical role.

Our solution was to create simple, clean, and pleasing audio feedback that sounded uniquely holographic. We delivered a suite of sounds that can be categorized into three distinct moments within the user experience: environmental, human, and OS.

The environmental sounds are inspiring, welcoming, and comfortable — they help the user navigate in mixed reality.

Users interact with Hololens by moving their hands through the air, and we paired button-like selection moments with evocative sounds that give users the sense of real world interactions.

We created an adaptation of the familiar, fluid, and warm tones of Microsoft Windows 10.

To mirror the immersive nature of the product, for the first time, these sounds are designed as a key element of the user experience.