We partnered with Intuitive, maker of the da Vinci robotic surgical system, to help bring their brand to life with a comprehensive sonic brand strategy, including a sound logo, brand anthem, and music strategy fleshed out with a robust music library.

Sound Logo
Brand Anthem


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy, Music Strategy, Music Library


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Intuititve's revolutionary surgical robotics technology has redefined the field of lapriscopic surgery, allowing surgeons to provide minimally invasive care that improves outcomes while reducing recovery times. Intuitive came to us to help elevate their sound across all communications, while reinforcing their unique brand and drawing sonic through-lines across their entire brand ecosystem.


Intuitive's core mission is to use ingenuity and intelligent technology to reduce constraints and empower surgeons to provide better care. We brought this design philosophy to life with a sound logo that uses refined textures and an uplifting melody to emphasize simplicity and optimism.


We also crafted a brand anthem composed to represent three key brand attributes — Understated, Well-Crafted, and Innovative.



Building on the sound logo and the brand anthem, we composed a robust library of original music, one that could serve a wide range of stories, moods, messages, and audiences while sounding distinctly intuititve. We built a flexible body of edits and remixes to empower Intuititve to get the most out of these assets, while creating robust metadata to allow the work to be stored and managed effectively.

Our music library was designed to serve a range of needs:

Amplify brand vision
Showcase innovative tech
Reassure patients


Our comprehensive library of sound assets provided internal Intuititve teams with powerful tools to reinforce a consistent sonic identity, ensuring that everything they create sounds on-brand. We also were able to draw through-lines between the product experience and marketing communications, creating a consistent sonic DNA to help reinforce their brand across touch points.