Jim Beam


A sonic identity for an iconic brand.

Jim Beam makes sound in a variety of places, across a number of touch points, from TV advertisements to conferences to music festivals. As the Jim Beam brand continues to grow globally, a critical part of that is ensuring that the brand sound is consistent whether you’re in Texas or Tokyo.

For this reason, Jim Beam asked us to create a sound identity to set them apart from their category competitors.


Sound Logo, Brand Anthem, Music Library, Sonic Brand Strategy, Music Strategy, Branded Voice Strategy


TV Commercials, Audio Advertising, Social Media, Digital Content

We developed a distinctive approach to separate Jim Beam’s music from the pack to communicate authenticity and true-to-your-roots grit without relying on blues-rock tropes. We delivered a toolkit that included original music, a sound logo, and strategic guidelines including direction for music partnerships.

The music of Jim Beam is characterized by a contemporary mix of indie-folk rock with a hint of country and blues – it possesses a distinct mix of real instruments tastefully fused with subtle electronic elements.

We crafted Jim Beam’s audio logo to dovetail with our approach to music, creating a distinctive and cohesive overall sound. This logo helps communicate brand values of authenticity, timelessness and quality.

Once our assets were finished, we wrapped the project with a set of strategic guidelines to guide all audio production for Jim Beam. This included recommendations for deploying their new music and sound design, as well as guardrails for other sound elements. It also included recommendations for voice over.