Tech for a better world: Microsoft podcast

On the "Tech for a better world" podcast, we amplified stories of Microsoft's groundbreaking partnerships across music, art, fashion, sports, and more.

Hosts with Natasha Franck

In collaboration with our cohosts, veteran podcasters Becca DeGregorio and Todd Whitney, we developed each episode to bring listeners behind the scenes with change-makers who are harnessing technology to shape culture. A unique, cross-platform strategy allowed us to bridge content, themes, and voices.

Guest Kiki Wolfkill and HoloLens

While the podcast’s sound identity is built atop Microsoft’s, it's totally distinct. We used sound to tell stories and reinforce the narrative arc of each episode: Music functions episodically, as a series of variations on a larger theme that underpins the entire season.
The podcast has been distributed widely and is available for listening across platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Google.

The sonic turn