Microsoft Teams


We worked with Microsoft to refresh the UX sounds for Teams. We delivered a comprehensive suite of ringtones and notification sounds, using multifaceted layering and “call and response” melodies to signify Team’s unique approach to collaboration.


UX/Product Sound Design


Desktop App, Mobile App


Teams is Microsoft's flagship business communication platform used across a massive range of industries and organizations. Our sounds needed to be functional and pleasing across many contexts and serve the needs of all levels of users.

We also had to craft a sound set that would be distinctively Teams while reflecting Microsoft's overarching sonic brand, which we developed over a multi-year partnership across the Microsoft brand and product ecosystem.


One of our key creative goals was to use sound to signify the way Teams facilitates collaboration across locations, industries, and cultures. We brought this concept to life by layering organic and digital sounds, as well as designing interactions as pairs with ascending and descending melodies that mirror each other (send and receive). This “call and response” structure reinforces the idea of communication and collaboration.


Join Meeting
Raise Hand
Talk Now On


Once we aligned on the design concept, we developed a strategy for the user interface that could enhance interactions without getting in the way. We worked closely with Teams stakeholders to refine the user experience, crafting user-customizable notifications that could capture attention effectively without growing fatiguing.

Notification Low
Notification Medium
Notification High


Our sounds capture Microsoft's warm and optimistic sonic brand identity, while defining an approach that is unique to Teams. These sounds help Teams deliver a world-class audio experience that enhances interactions for a vast, diverse user base.