Orbit by Nao

To celebrate the release of her album, Saturn, rising British R&B star NAO wanted to connect to her fans in a very personal way.

The theme of the album is NAO’s “Saturn return,” a time every 29 years when Saturn’s orbit brings it to the same spot in the sky as when you were born. It’s thought to signal growth and change.

Using her fascination with astronomy and astrology as creative inspiration, we worked with NAO and Microsoft to create an interactive and personalized music video experience for her song, “Orbit.”

After NAO and a dancer performed at Microsoft’s volumetric capture studio, we turned their bodies into point clouds of data and used machine learning to find constellations within their movements.

Microsoft Custom Vision Services recognized several constellations — including the 12 astrological symbols — in their dancing.

Fans can go to NAO’s site to enjoy a personalized version of the video, tailored to their birth date and astrological sign.

The interactive “Orbit” video showcases how science and technology can come together to create artwork with deep meaning.

Experience “Orbit” for yourself.