For the first time in 7 years, Pepsi refreshed their global tagline. Listen was then brought in to take the jingle and tagline, “For the Love of It,” and create a mnemonic and robust sound toolkit. Company leaders and creators implemented the toolkit in more than 100 countries around the world.

We started by mapping brand drivers to sound principles, and applied those to the mnemonic design. We then created a research methodology, and conducted thorough testing and analysis across seven different countries and languages.

The Pepsi Mnemonic tested exceptionally well around the world, achieving strong results against more established branded mnemonics that have been in market. It over-indexed in appeal, enjoyment, and unaided recall.

This research informed our final mnemonic and toolkit assets. We delivered a suite of sounds and usage guidelines that composers, creators, and producers can implement across all advertising channels.

The toolkit is now a master brand identity asset.

The tagline and mnemonic debuted in 2019. Our extensive sound toolkit ensures that Pepsi brand owners around the globe create consistent and compelling sounds, helping to further distinguish the Pepsi brand through music.

Can Crack
Ice Cubes
Cola Pour