Prince: The Immersive Experience


Listen collaborated with The Prince Estate and Superfly to create interactive sound design for Prince: The Immersive Experience, celebrating the iconic artist’s life and legacy. Listen created a range of audio assets including product sounds, ambient soundscapes, environmental sound design, curated music playlists, and a remix of one of Prince's most famous tracks, "Let's Go Crazy."

SERVICES: Sound Design, Immersive Sound Design

APPLICATION: Live Experience, Digital Experience


Few artists are singular and influential quite like the Purple One. Being the music geeks that we are here at Listen, we knew we had to create audio for the experience that would do justice to Prince – and ensure that critical touchpoints within the interactive experience sound as good as they looked.

We were hugely honored to have access to Prince’s iconic back catalog – allowing us to draw not just inspiration from his music but actually create original sound design elements from his sound palette.

With an icon like Prince, an experience must sound as good as it looks.


From an evocative opening ambient track to the product sounds heard across the experience's app, we created original audio elements that incorporated material we sourced from some of Prince’s most famous tracks.


With “Let’s Go Crazy,” the lead cut on the legendary Purple Rain album, we went one step deeper in our exploration of the musician’s sound – and were able to bring fans along with us. Our exclusive interactive mix of the song lets visitors get behind the mixing board and listen to never-before-heard elements of the song, offering fans an unparalleled peek into his songwriting process.


Save a time machine transporting fans to Paisley Park studio in its heyday, The Prince Estate and Superfly’s experience – which brought thousands of visitors to its Chicago location – is the most expansive and immersive journey into this musical mind fans can take. We’re thrilled we could bring our sound design and composition expertise to this critical component of the project.