St. Ives


Listen crafted a vibrant and refreshing sonic brand identity for St. Ives, designing a holistic strategy and suite of audio assets including a sound logo, original music, music guidelines, and voice strategy that are used across marketing touchpoints on digital, audio, and social channels.


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy, Music Composition, Music Guidelines, Audio Ad Production, Voice Strategy


Digital Advertising, Audio Advertising, Digital Content


The St. Ives brand is all about bringing out the joy of nature through the natural ingredients of its products. And with St. Ives' mission-driven focus on connecting with younger consumers, we needed to develop a sonic strategy that could speak to both the youthful optimism of this audience and the pure, refreshing qualities of their skincare lines.


The St. Ives brand personality is driven by three key attributes: Natural, Fun, and Effective. Our aim was to translate those qualities into sound and music to create a distinct sonic brand identity that stands out and perks up ears with a high energy and optimistic personality that speaks to the brand's Gen Z and Millenial audiences.


Natural: real-world sounds, environmental soundscapes, live and hand-played instruments

Fun: dynamic melodies, punchy rhythms, contemporary instrumentation

Effective: clear and concise music performance, full sounding arrangements


To convey energy and youthful optimism, while also connecting to nature, we developed a sound palette that combines contemporary digital instruments with environmental sounds. The resulting sound logo contains an optimistic, ascending melody performed on bright percussive synths and is punctuated at the end with the refreshing sound of a splashing ocean wave.

Hero Sound Logo

The hero sound logo provides a fun, energetic, and refreshing approach that can be applied across most use cases, but to provide maximum utility and flexibility across any and all content, we also built a sound logo toolkit featuring variations with a greater range of moods — from light and understated piano instrumentals to fuller pop arrangements with vocals.

Light Piano
Pop Vocal
Solo Synth


Our work came together when we composed a high-energy music track built around the melody of the sound logo, demonstrating how the core sonic identity can be woven into messaging. The core audio assets were used in conjunction with the launch of a new daily cleansers campaign, where we had the opportunity to mix the audio components for digital, social and streaming audio ads in both English and Spanish.

Audio Ad - Spanish