Star Trek x RECUR


For the Star Trek - Mission Chicago convention, Listen created spatial sound design for an immersive audiovisual experience presented by RECUR, which brought the Star Trek "Holodeck" experience to life.


Music Composition, Music Experience, Immersive Sound Design, Spatial Audio


Live Event, Installation


Working in partnership with the experiential agency, A_DA, Listen was tasked with designing an immersive experience for the web3 development company RECUR. The goal was to convey the bold, optimism of the original series for a large-scale experience that points to the future — of fandom and of Star Trek itself.

As RECUR's presence at the convention was intended to celebrate the launch of a series of Star Trek NFTs, the audiovisual installation needed to bring greater context and scale to the NFT collection.


Taking inspiration from the vast archive of Star Trek music, we developed a series of soundscapes to underscore four different visual scenes within the immersive experience. The aim was to create a soundtrack that felt contemporary, while nodding to the show's half-century legacy.

The sound design process brought together archival sounds such as the warp speed initiation and holodeck doors opening, along with the use of period-specific electonic music instruments such as the Buchla synthesizer, and melodic nods to the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme song to immerse visitors in Star Trek's unique audio and visual universe.


The result was a spatial soundscape for four key moments in the experience - the Holodeck materializing and opening, a galaxy viewed from a distance, jumping into warp speed, and arriving at the final destination. Listen mixed all scenes in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound to further immerse visitors in the multisensory experience.


The Star Trek experience was visited by thousands of convention-goers in Chicago, bringing greater visibility to RECUR & Paramount's NFT collection, which sold out 5,000 custom, unique Starships within minutes of going on-sale.