We worked with Twitter to develop a suite of new sounds for the app that would be both delightful and accessible to diverse user needs.

Leaning into the brand's well-known visual identity, we introduced bird-like textural sounds that reference the legacy while also creating a system that's ownable and pleasing over repeated use.


Sonic Brand Strategy, UX/UI Sound Design


App Sounds, Social Media


Twitter users generally associate the brand with a two-note bird call/whistle that's heard for notifications, but is an Apple iOS sound. We wanted to leverage the brand association with that sound, but develop an approach that's distinct and ownable.

We also wanted to ensure that the sounds would work for neurodivergent users, avoiding anything that would be overly bright, aggressive or too complex.


Twitter's visual and verbal branding aim to convey a straightforward and unfiltered personality that's grounded in real, human experiences. That sense of clarity and tactility needed to be communicated through sound.

We explored a range of approaches related to natural bird song, brain-tickling ASMR textures, and playful game-like chimes. We found inspiration in the cooing of messenger pigeons, as a warm and pleasing way to include a bird sound and as a reference to the app's messaging function.


Tactile, real world, acoustic

Clear, concise, accessible

Unexpected, open, engaging


Through multiple rounds of testing with neurodivergent Twitter users, we refined the UX sounds to arrive at an accessible, holistic set that supports three key moments within the app experience: refreshing the timeline, receiving notifications, and sending tweets–a new sound we proposed for the app.

Introducing a Send Tweet sound to pair with Notification helps reinforce the idea of two-way dialogue on the platform and instill a greater sense of active engagement in conversation.

Twitter App Sounds

Pull to Refresh
Timeline Refreshed
Send Tweet


The new UX sounds are heard by hundreds of millions of Twitter users worldwide, supporting daily interactions in the app with warm and delightful sounds that convey the spirit of open dialogue. This initial set of sounds also lays the foundation for a sonic brand strategy that can be implemented across brand, marketing, and product touchpoints.