Unmoored explores a potential future where climate change has gone unchecked, and Times Square is totally underwater. We collaborated with conceptual artist Mel Chin to flood this iconic crossing in mixed reality.

Climate science predicts that without drastic action, NYC will be 26 feet underwater by the end of this century. Working with Chin as well as partners at Times Square Arts, the Queens Museum, and No Longer Empty, we created a nautical traffic jam that appeared 26 feet above visitors to Times Square, who could explore the piece via their mobile phone or HoloLens headset.

We designed hundreds of boats of every shape and size, which floated through the streets and around existing buildings, before stalling out, aging, and deteriorating. Then, natural life forms like plankton appeared; a nod to nature reclaiming humanity’s industry and commerciality.

“It’s not art for art’s sake, it’s art to catalyze awareness.”

- Manon Slome
Chief Curator, No Longer Empty