Conceptual artist Mel Chin had a surreal vision of boats jamming Times Square, 26 feet overhead… but he needed some help bringing his vision to life.

We collaborated with the acclaimed artist, Microsoft, and other key partners to launch what would be Chin’s first foray into mixed reality: Unmoored.

Unmoored explores a potential future where climate change has gone unchecked, and Times Square is totally underwater. Guests donned a Microsoft HoloLens or downloaded a mobile phone app to dive into the experience.

Visitors saw hundreds of boats overhead, creating a nautical traffic jam, and watched them slowly age and deteriorate. After a time, plankton appeared to teem in the water, and guests heard a soothing underwater soundscape.

Mixed reality has become a vital tool for Mel Chin in work as an artist and an activist; we were thrilled to help shape his vision and bring it to life for hundreds of thousands of visitors in Times Square.