The website building platform Wix came to us to create a sound logo that could help them take ownership of their brand messaging wherever it shows up. We composed a distinctive, contemporary sound that feels authoritative, while emphasizing ease of use and simplicity. The sound logo is designed to appear at the beginning of brand communications across broadcast and digital channels.


Sound Logo, Sonic Brand Strategy


TV Commercials, Digital Advertising, Digital Content


Wix gives users simple but powerful tools to create robust websites and, ultimately, pursue their dreams. Our effort was part of a larger shift for the brand, moving toward a more professional tone of voice and building out more robust content offerings. Wix's target audience spans everything from DIY creators to large enterprises, so we knew we would have to craft a sound that could speak to a broad spectrum of users.


Throughout our exploration, we strove to find the right balance between sounding authorititave and trustworthy, while maintaining a human and approachable tone. We aligned on a set of core attributes that signfiy optimism, forward motion, and success, inspired by the way that Wix helps users achieve their personal and business goals.


Authoritative Impact
Dynamic Swell
Human Heartbeat
Snappy Percussion
Optimistic Flourish


The resulting sound is distinct, contemporary and memorable, capturing Wix's unique brand and offering. With a tension and release structure and a bright melodic flourish, it signfies progression and achievement, while maintaining an overall sense of simplicity.

Sound Logo


Our sound logo mapped perfectly to Wix's style and tone of voice, helping them take ownership of all their messaging and content across touchpoints. The sound logo was rolled out as part of a new campaign across digital platforms and will appear at the top of broadcast and digital ads and video content going forward.