Sound Agency

There’s a lot of noise in the world. We want it to sound better.

Listen is a global mix of creatives, strategists, musicologists, composers, sound designers, and technologists working together to create impactful audio for the world’s most iconic brands.

  • Steve Milton

    Founding Partner

  • Brett Volker

    Founding Partner

  • Theresa Perez

    General Manager

  • Andre Lira


  • Colin Coogan

    Strategy Director

  • Corina Hernandez


  • Jordan Rothlein

    Senior Podcast Director

  • Keri Gill

    Business Development & Partnerships Coordinator

  • Kurt Feldman

    Sound Design Director

  • Michael Delle Donne

    Business Development Director

  • Paul Amitai

    Senior Strategy Director

  • Rob Arbelo

    Sound Designer

  • Shelleyjane Mitchell

    Design Director