We Are a Team

We are a sensory experience company.

We believe in creating value through meaningful cultural work that makes a difference.

We work with brands, artists, and technology to create sensory-driven brand assets and innovative experiences for the modern cultural landscape.

  • Brett Volker

    Founding Partner

  • Steve Milton

    Founding Partner

  • Theresa Perez

    General Manager

  • Andre Lira


  • Anna Jacobs

    Operations Manager

  • Christina Borins

    Creative Technical Producer

  • Christina Marocco

    Program Manager

  • Colin Coogan

    Strategy Director

  • Corina Hernandez


  • Eva Tidlund Dirkse

    Program Director

  • James Limon

    Campaign Manager

  • Jordan Rothlein

    Sr Producer, Podcast

  • Julie Hershman

    Production Coordinator

  • Kurt Feldman

    Sound Design Director

  • Leah Taylor Dunbar

    Creative Director

  • Michael Delle Donne

    Business Development Director

  • Michael Romeo

    Sr Creative Technologist

  • Paul Amitai

    Strategy Director

  • Praise O. Paige

    Creative Producer

  • Sarah Ibrahim

    Head of Production

  • Shelleyjane Mitchell

    Creative Director

  • Tim Clark

    Associate Creative Director

  • Yuqiao Qin

    UX Designer